I know, I know…

Yup, Obama won. I am really not a fan of that. I still believe that he is unqualified to be our leader and that there is just too many unanswered questions about him. BUT, as he is now our President-elect, I sincerley hope and pray that I am wrong about him. I hope that I can look back in 2012 (I’ll be able to vote! =D) and say, “Wow, I was so wrong about Obama. He has been a great president.” Sadly, it doesn’t really seem like I’ll be able to do that. But then, he’s not even the president yet, so we’ll see.

I would also like to say that I was really dissapointed in the number of hate comments that were made on my last post about Obama. If you support him and want to argue with me, that’s fine, but calling me dirty names and using profanities is really uncool. Your comments won’t be approved if they are innapropriate. Also, could you please at least TRY to make a rational argument? The number of unintelligent, unfoucused comments that were made was actually a little mind-boggling. You’re not helping your cause at all, you just sound like an idiot. And please, NO SPAM COMMENTS! Those are also really idiotic.



Thoughts on Barack Obama vs. John McCain…


I, personally, do not support Obama. McCain may not be the ideal choice for president, but he’s much better than Obama. I mean, think about it. McCain has experience as a leader. He’s older, yes, but with that comes life experience and wisdom. Obama, on the other hand, has virtually no experience as a leader and next to nothing in life experience and wisdom. Obama doesn’t even like our country! He took the American flag off his plane and replaced it with his “O for Obama” symbol. I find that scary.  Alright, so Obama offers something different. What? Well, he pretty much hates America. That’s different. You’d think that someone who wants to lead our country would like it. Or, dare I say, LOVE it. You know, patriotism and all that. But I guess that loving our country, being proud to stand up and say “Yes, I am an American, and I love my country,” is old fashioned. Out of style. That is incredibly sad. Tragic, even. This guy who blames our country for most of the bad in the world could become the leader of it. One of the most powerful men in the world. No, I’m not saying this because he’s black. If McCain was black I’d still support him. This is not a racial issue. Well, for some people it may be, but it shouldn’t be. Obama listens to a pastor who screams “God d–n America!” Obama claims he never heard that. There is no way possible Obama could have not heard that, attending this church as long as he has. Unfortunately, my vote won’t count for much for a few years yet. I have to leave it up the adults. I have virtually no control over the world I live in. Your decisions today will determine my future. Can you handle that responsibility?

Thoughts on Niley, Miley, and the Jonas Brothers…


This is something I wrote quite a while ago. I just got really sick if people calling Miley Cyrus names and stuff because they like Nick Jonas.

a quick message to all “niley” (nick jonas and miley cyrus. why isn’t it “mick”, not “niley”? that sounds so much better!) haters: zip it! 1: their relationship is none of your business, 2: 99.99% of you don’t even know nick and miley, so you can’t judge either of them fairly, (neither do i, so i’m not judging them!) 2: most of you are just jealous of miley because she actually knows nick, and 3: most of you will probably never even meet either half of the alleged “niley”, so there’s really no point in being jealous!

my personal opinion:

i think they would make a cute couple. but if their just friends or not even that, it’s none of my business. it’s not yours either, so please stop passing judgement on them!

Now, Miley has talked about her relationship with Nick in Seventeen magazine. She said that she and Nick had dated, and when they broke up she cried for a month, then dyed her hair black. So there you have it. Niley’s done. Get over it.


Good girl gone bad? Seems like it sometimes, especially with all the photo scandals and rumors of a fight with Selena Gomez over Nick Jonas. As for the supposed “feud,” both girls deny that they’re enemies, and Miley included Selena while singing “7 Things” at the Teen Choice Awards. You can watch the video here. Start watching for Selena at about 2:00. Now for the photos… DUN Dun dunnnnnnn… Let’s start of with the ones that she took herself and were hacked from her phone or computer or whatever. Most of them have her posing in more-than-slightly immodest clothes and a few are with guys. Yeah, not such a good example. She did apologize for them, however, calling them “inappropriate.” Ya got that right, sister. Then there was the Vanity Fair pictures, which, in my opinion, were not Miley’s fault. Her parents or whoever was with her at the photo shoot should have seen that people were going to think she was topless in the pictures. I personally don’t think that they’re that bad- there’s really not that much skin showing or anything, and, people, it’s just her back!


Why are people so obsessed with them? Yes, they’re good-looking, yes, they’re talented, but WHY are so many girls devoting their lives to them? Search “Mrs. (Insert Joe, Kevin, or Nick’s name here) Jonas” on MySpace or Facebook, and you’ll get a TON of results. HELLO? That’s absolutely ridiculous! Girls, hate to break it to you, but the JB probably don’t know you even exist, and when they have ten gazillion other girls obsessed with them, I seriously doubt you’ll end up even meeting them, much less marrying one of them. No, I don’t hate the Jonas Brothers. I’ve been a fan since way before they were ever endorsed by Disney, but I seem to be the only girl on the planet who’s a fan but not completely in love with them. (Joe needs a haircut, Nick did need one but now he’s okay, and I’m not the hugest fan of Kevin’s sideburns. 🙂 ) I’m also not a fan of the obscenely tight pants. Skinny jeans are one thing, but practically wearing tights is a little too much. That said, I do like how they don’t wear hoodie sweatshirts or “gangster” jeans (ridiculously baggy jeans) and stuff. When their jeans aren’t too tight, they look very nice.


Too Tight!

Too Tight!


Not so bad

Not so bad














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